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Developmental Lacrosse
Ages 6 - 17 years

Designed for youth and high school lacrosse players, programs emphasize individual skill development in a fast-paced challenging environment. Each grade appropriate program progressively works on improving stick skills while implementing what they have learned into lacrosse IQ drills and live game play.

The goal of each program is to strengthen the skills of players while increasing the overall speed of drills and games. Low coach-to-player ratios ensure maximum learning and individual development. The Developmental Lacrosse Program provides elementary, middle and high school players a great opportunity to improve their skills in the off-season!

Lax Rats (Grades 1 - 2) Boys & Girls

Lax Rats is a fast-paced, energetic program that builds on the foundation of the Little Athletes program. Each player has the opportunity to run and play while improving muscle coordination and learning the concepts of teamwork. Lax Rats features a variety of fun drills and exercises designed to familiarize young players with the game of lacrosse.

Required Equipment

Lax Rats Boys: helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, glove, mouthguard, stick
Lax Rats Girls: goggles, mouthguard, stick

Young Stars (Grades 3-4, 5-6, 7-8) Boys or Girls

This exciting program combines the fundamentals learned in Lax Rats with the fast paced skill development of game play. Each session incorporates stick work and a variety of lacrosse IQ drills into live game play. Full equipment required.

Playing Stars (High School Freshman - Senior) Boys or Girls

Playing Stars Lacrosse focuses on strengthening the skills of advanced players with a variety of unsettled drills and game play. Emphasis is on increasing the speed of the game for these advanced players. Optional 30 min. BlueStreak Sports Training available after each class.

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